Fast growing strong organization…

Merkont is a Turkish company delivering services since 1996 in the areas of international maritime, air and land transport as well as warehousing, distribution and project cargo. Merkont activites are continously growing with offices in Mersin, Istanbul, Izmir,Gemlik,Antalya,Iskenderun Trabzon .


Quality, Innovative, Versatile…

Aiming long term business relationships, the company analyses customers’ changing needs in order to offer quality service. Merkont is one of the leading companies in the Turkish transport market, innovatively and dynamically responding to the challenges of the time.

Your works are expanding with the employees of experienced and expert

Merkont owes its success to its customer-oriented working policy, sensitivity to offer competitive prices combined with high quality service, and experienced and qualifed personnel. Merkont is constantly developping its global network and high quality service understanding. Its business volume is increasing day by day.


An extensive service network to represent global companies that create exclusive, valuable employees in increasing their knowledge and skills; by developing competitive solutions thanks to the attentive and revealed a respectable image for customers, solution partners and initiatives to continue increasing the quality of service that makes a difference outstanding investment in the industry ever-growing to be the leading company.


Our country is industrially developed and developing at every point, technologically advanced facilities to meet needs with proud by making strategic investments, generating sustainable high income and high standard of living together with it being the most successful companies that create employment.



-To Be Open To Development