Full logistics service concept …

Logistics means offering solutions to the customer starting from raw material until the final product thoughout the supply chain, by transporting, storing, planning, launching and controlling the materials, services and information flow effectively and productively in both ways. With the growth of world trade and the development of online activities though internet, Merkont decided to invest in this sector and integrated supply chain solutions to its range of services offered in Mersin, Izmir and Istanbul.
  • Supply chain management (cargo acceptance and quality control),
  • Loading and discharging, distribution and packing services,
  • Inventory control (FIFO, LIFO, lot, serial number tracking),
  • Warehouse management program and tracking systems through RF hand terminals,
  • Return cargo management,
  • Value-added activities within warehouse (packing, bar codes, repacking, cargo consolidation, assembling, shrinking
  • Packing and consumption material management,
  • Preparing orders, order distribution, waybill and invoicing services.
Furthermore, the company opened its own logistics terminal in 2009, with a surface of 78.000 sqm at 6 km from Mersin port. 1500 sqm closed 3000 sqm open warehousing and 3500 sqm closed 1700 sqm open bonded-warehousing services are offered in this terminal.